A Unique Collection of
Hand Painted Lampshades

Bloomsbury Revisited

A stunning collection of hand painted lampshades & bases

Designed and created by artist Jane McCall, each lampshade is hand painted in the style and earthy tones so loved by the famous residents of Charleston.

Each lampshade is an original piece of artwork signed by the artist, so please be aware that no two will ever be exactly the same.

Shown here are examples of the different designs:
Peas & Leaves, Birds, Cyclamen, Hounds, Angelica, Vanessa, Muse, Vita, Duncan and Violet.

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Sizes, Prices and How to Order

Shade Sizes

Sizes approximate

Coolie Shape

Small: 9” diameter of base. 6” height.
Medium: 11” diameter of base. 6.5” height.
Large: 14” diameter of base. 7” height.
X Large: 16” diameter of base. 8” height.
XX Large: 18” diameter of base. 10” height.

Empire Shape

Medium: 11.5” diameter of base. 7” height.
Large: 14” diameter of base. 8” height.

The shades will fit British (28mm) or European (40mm) lamp fittings.

Shade Prices
Peas & Leaves, Cyclamen, Hounds, Angelica, Vanessa, Muse, Vita, Duncan, Violet.

Small £60, Medium £70, Large £80, X Large £90, XX Large £100


Small £60, Medium £70, Large £90


We can paint any of the designs in the colour of your choice. And from standard lamps to wall lights we can also supply shades in all shapes and sizes.

If you have any particular requests or questions do contact us.

Base Sizes

Small Round Base: 10" height. Bulb type screw ES/E27.
Medium Round Base: 15.5" height. Bulb type Bayonet B22.
Tall Square Base: 17.5" height. Bulb type screw ES/E14.
Tall Round Base: 21" height. Bulb type screw ES/E14.

Base Prices

We will select a base to match the shade (pic on request prior to order if required)

Small Round base: £50
Medium Round base: £80
Tall Square base: £80
Tall Round base: £80

UK Postage

Postage & Packing to all UK addresses £10 per order.

European Shipping

Postage & Packing to all European addresses £20 per order.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship lampshades but NOT bases around the world but please be aware the fitting is the UK standard. Please contact us with detail of which size you would like and we will quote on P&P.

How to Order

Please be aware, as every lampshade and base is individually hand painted no two will be the same and please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.


If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please return it to Bloomsbury Revisited within 14 days (you will be responsible for paying postage, non-refundable). We will refund the full amount of the lampshade less the original P&P. Return address - Bloomsbury Revisited, Coopers Farm, Stonegate, East Sussex TN5 7EH

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